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The Book of Secrets is a book written by the Presidents of the United States which holds all the secrets to the history of the United States.


The 1st president of the United Stated of America, George Washington started the book on April 3, 1792.[1]

In 2007, Benjamin Franklin Gates needed to find the book to prove his family did not have anything to do with the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Ben is first told about it by Riley Poole, who wrote about it in his book, and later confirmed by Peter Sadusky.

Supposedly some of the things that are in the book are the answers to the JFK Assassination, what happened to the 18 missing minutes from the Watergate Tapes, the truth from Apollo 11, and whether Area 51 is true.

Ben "kidnaps" the President at his birthday party in Mount Vernon who tells Ben the book can be found at the Library of Congress.


Page 1
1792, April 3 - George Washington's introduction to the Book of Secrets.[1]

Page 47
Something important on this page, as the President of the United States asked Benjamin Franklin Gates to look at it and then report back to him.[2]

Page 67
1864 - Entry by Abraham Lincoln about Queen Victoria letters, City of Gold mentioned.[1]

Unknown Page
1880 - Entry by William Hayes about Resolute Desk sent to the White House.

Unknown Page
1924 - Entry by Calvin Coolidge that he found a plank in the Resolute Desk. He noted he destroyed the blank, but made a photograph of it just in case before. He also had Gutzon Borglum to carve Mount Rushmore to protect the city of gold.


  • The Book of Secrets, along with many other props, was created by Ross MacDonald for the movie National Treasure: Book of Secrets.[1]
  • For the creation of the book, samples of real Presidents' handwriting was used to create more authentic look. DeAnn Singh was the calligrapher who wrote the book.[3]



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