The Cíbola, also known as The Lost City of Gold, was hidden in Mount Rushmore, and was found by Benjamin Franklin Gates in 2007.


In 1527, a Spanish ship wrecked on the Florida coast, only four crew members survived. Esteban was one of them. After he saved a local tribe's dying chief, he was shown the city of gold as a reward. Esteban later tried finding it but couldn't. The legend of the golden city grew and several expeditions were made to find it. grew

General George Armstrong Custer tragic last stand at Little Bighorn marked as the final try to find Cíbola.

In 2007, Mitchell Wilkinson set motion a plan to find Cíbola. Mitchell framed Benjamin Franklin Gates ancestor in treason, to get him to investigate the clues left in the John Wilkes Booth's Diary missing 18 pages of his dairy. That part of the diary was destroyed by Thomas Gates. The first clue lead to French Statue of Liberty, which lead to the Wood Carvings hidden in Resolute Desks. One of the Wood Carvings was found before, by Calvin Coolidge and a clue was left to Book of Secrets. Coolidge also created Mount Rushmore as a coverup to destroy the landmarks leading to Cíbola to protect it. The Book of Secrets has the image of the wood carving. The two wood carvings together lead to Black Hills. Benjamin Franklin Gates, Patrick Henry Gates, Abigail Chase, Riley Poole, Emily Appleton Gates and Mitchell Wilkinson found the city of gold and got credit for the discovery.


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