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Changing Tides is a book by Catherine Hapka in the "Gates Family Mystery Series" featuring Ben Gates's ancestor Samuel Thomas Gates and his brother William Gates published in November 6, 2007 by Disney Press.


Samuel Thomas Gates has always been drawn to tales of brave explorers and far off lands. But stories are not enough to live on when, in 1612, the Gates family loses everything. To help restore their reputation and seek a new fortune, Samuel, along with his brother William, must leave the familiar streets of London for an uncertain world - the Americas.

As he crosses the Atlantic, Samuel meets a man who speaks of a hidden treasure somewhere in the Jamestown colony. However, before Samuel can decipher his garbled message, the man mysteriously dies. Now, with only a letter and few cryptic clues to go on, Samuel finds himself caught up in a hunt that goes back to the very beginning of the New World - to Roanoke and the vanished colony.