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National Treasure: Book of Secrets

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National Treasure: Book of Secrets


Ty Burrell


"He's weird."
Riley Poole[src]

Connor was Abigail Chase's love interest after she dumped Ben Gates. However, she later dumped Connor and took Ben back. He was also a curator at the White House. He is played by Ty Burrell.


Connor drops off Abigail Chase to her home after their date. They are surprised by Benjamin Franklin Gates who has broken in with the help of Riley Poole. Connor finds the situation awkward and decides to leave, but asks to see Abigail again and she agrees.

Later, according to Ben Gates, Abigail wants to see the Oval Office, and Connor agrees to show her that. Abigail seemingly looses her earring in the Oval Office, and Connor helps her find it. Unknown to Connor though Abigail and Ben had ulterior motives, as they were searching a clue from the Resolute Desk.

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