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"Mr. Brown. Or Mr. Gates, if you like."
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"Are you trying to steal that? It's $35."
―Gift Store Clerk to Ben Gates when she catches him with the Declaration.[src]

The Gift Store Clerk worked at the National Archives Gift Shop during the night of the Gala. She caught Ben Gates with the Declaration of Independence under his jacket, thinking he was trying to steal an actual-size reproduction. Not wanting to draw the attention of any security, Ben played along, but didn't have enough cash to pay the $35 price of the "souvenir" (a price Ben considered to be "a lot"). The clerk then suggested he instead pay with his Visa card, prompting Ben to buy a second souvenir to use as a decoy Declaration (and costing him another $35 plus tax). This credit card transaction allowed the FBI to determine Ben's true identity shortly afterward, compromising Ben's original plan and forcing him to go to Patrick Gates for help.