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Albert Pike (Ancestor)
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National Treasure: Book of Secrets

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National Treasure: Book of Secrets


Ed Harris


Mitchell "Mitch" Wilkinson is a descendant of Albert Pike who was present during the events when John Wilkes Booth carried out the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.


He is a a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute, an international arms dealer and black market antiquities dealer who wants his family to get credit for discovering the Lost city of Gold.

National Treasure: Book of Secrets[]

Evidence on Abraham Lincoln[]

He claims he has evidence that Thomas Gates, Benjamin Franklin Gates' ancestor was involved in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Wilkinson unveils this information in front of both Ben and Patrick Henry Gates.

Hunting Ben Gates[]

He attacks Patrick Henry Gates at his home to get Benjamin Franklin Gates attention and to get the first clue. Ben travels first to New York and the Statue of Liberty. When he realizes that it is not the statue he needed to go he follows Benjamin Franklin Gates to Paris, and then to London where he chases Ben and his friends through the city until the Wood Carving is thrown into the Thames River.

Back Home[]

Back in the states Wilkinson goes to Emily Appleton Gates and threatens her son and burns Queen Victoria's Letters if she does not accompany him to Mount Rushmore. When they find the lost city in a cavern in Mount Rushmore he double crosses everyone and threatens the life of Abigail Chase. However in doing so he sets off a trap leaving Wilkinson and Ben Franklin Gates as the only ones to hold the door open so that they can escape. He realizes that someone must stay behind or they will all perish. He knows that Ben's whole family is there. He makes a deal with Ben. Wilkinson wants credit for the find. Ben reluctantly agrees to this and Wilkinson lets Ben and his family go and is drowned in the trap.