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2004, underneath Trinity Church

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National Treasure

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National Treasure


David Dayan Fisher


"Albuquerque. See, I can do it too. Snorkel!"
"That's where the map is. Like he said, "Fifty-five in iron pen." "Iron pen" is a prison.
―Shaw and Riley Poole debating over what part of a clue means.[src]

Shaw was a treasure hunter and best friend of Ian Howe.


Shaw is first seen with Ian, Ben Gates, and Riley Poole, when searching for the Charlotte. After he and Ian narrowly escape it before it explodes, they went off to the Watergate Complex with a bunch of other henchmen to steal the Declaration of Independence. When Ben beats him to it, Shaw attempts to shoot Ben, but Ben blocks it with the casing of the document. Later on, Ian and Shaw, with other henchmen chase after Abigail Chase, Ben, and Riley to steal the glasses that were needed to read the declaration, and the declaration itself, from them. When they achieve this, they use Ben's father as a hostage to get Ben and his friends to help them get the next clue. This leads them to Trinity Church, where they then break a tomb in order to reach where the treasure was. As they went deeper into the huge room, the boards that Shaw was standing on broke, dropping Shaw through several other bridges to his death, with Ian screaming his name in terror. He was the only henchman of Ian who died during the searching for the treasure.

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