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"What was the secret?"
"A treasure! A treasure beyond all imagining. A treasure that had been fought over for centuries by tyrants, pharaohs, emperors, warlords.
―Young Benjamin Franklin Gates and John Adams Gates[src]
Templar Treasure.png

Ben and Patrick looking at the Treasure!

The Templar Treasure was a treasure so vast that it was believed it could not be owned by one man alone, not even a powerful king. Over the years, it grew larger, but suddenly, it vanished.

Later, the treasure was found by the Knights Templar and was hidden. The Knights eventually formed into the Freemasons.

By the time of the Revolutionary War in the United States, the Freemasons included such notable figures as Paul Revere and Ben Franklin. The American Colonists desperately kept it away from the British, hiding the treasure in a secret tunnel under New York's Trinity Church. All clues leading to the treasure were lost, except for one, a paper that read the secret lies with Charlotte.

However, after following a series of clues from the ship Charlotte, it was rediscovered by Benjamin Franklin Gates, Abigail Chase, Patrick Henry Gates, and Riley Poole under Trinity Church. Riley later wrote a book about it called The Templar Treasure and Other Myths that are True.