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The legend writ, the stain affected, the key in Silence undetected, fifty-five in iron pen, Mr. Matlack can't offend.

This riddle was the key to finding the lost treasure of the colonials in National Treasure. It was engraved on a Meerschaum Pipe that the captain of the Charlotte guarded with his life. Each section corresponded to a different component needed to find the way to the treasure.

The legend writ: Refers to the Ottendorf Cipher needed to locate Benjamin Franklin's Ocular Device.

The stain affected: The map is invisible to the naked eye.

The key in Silence undetected: The key to the Ottendorf cipher is in the Silence Dogood Letters that Benjamin Franklin wrote.

Fifty-five in iron pen, Mr. Matlack can't offend: The map is hidden on the back of the Declaration of Independence.

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