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'''I am now [[User:Gleeful4ever!|Gleeful4ever!]].
{{Template:Character infobox
|image = [[File:1af1f059f27016ebb06677fa55ec8951.jpg|250px]]
|name = Abigail Chase
||gender = Female
|race = American
|eyes = Green
|hair = Brown
|born = April 15
|title = Bureaucrat and Administrator
|first = [ Narnia Wiki]
|last = [ Bonanza Wiki]
I made many edits under [[User:EllieWalker|EllieWalker]]. I'm an admin on the Mayberry Wiki.
==My favorites from NT==
*[[Abigail Chase]]
*[[Riley Poole]]
*[[Ian Howe]]
*[[National Treasure]]
*[[National Treasure: Book of Secrets]]
:''[[National Treasure 3]] - will know sometime this Christmas''
==Other wikis that I am a member of:==
*[ Mayberry Wiki] - admin
*[ Narnia Wiki]
*[ PotC Wiki]
*[ Little House on the Prairie]
*[ Bonanza Wiki]

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